Origins Youth Course

Welcome to the Origins Youth Course. This free resource is designed to equip and encourage your youth and young people in prayer, through eight sessions that cover; why we pray, who we pray to, and how we can go about praying – following the acronym P.R.A.Y.E.R.

The Sessions 

There are eight Origins sessions which cover:  

  1. Why do we pray?
  2. Who do we pray to? 
  3. P: Pause
  4. R: Rejoice
  5. A: Ask
  6. Y: Yes
  7. E: Endure
  8. R: Repeat

Each session contains different sections:

Aim: what each session will do

Get Started: an introductory thought or discussion question

Go Deeper: a short piece of teaching on the week’s theme

Encounter: an interactive activity to do as a group

Action point: something to do during the week

Get Started:

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