Are you fired up for prayer, mission and justice, after THE SEND?

Every great revival in history has come from a move of prayer, mission and justice, and we want to see God do it again.

The 24-7 Prayer Vision

Finding Jesus in a 24-7 Prayer Room

We hosted a prayer night in our church prayer room on a Wednesday evening a few weeks ago. About 30-40 people crammed into this small space and we spent a beautiful few hours worshipping, interceding for our community and praying for one another.

At the start of the evening 2 young women came in. It turned out that they weren’t church goers at all! One of them lives opposite to the hall where our church meet, heard us singing, found our website and was intrigued by our community. She saw that we had an event on and thought that an event would be a good way to meet people so she and her friend arrived at this prayer night with neither of them knowing Jesus for themselves.

This wasn’t an event that was supposed to be ‘seeker-sensitive’, in fact quite a few of us were worried that it would feel a bit strange for them! But by the end, they had received prayer and prophetic words from a few members of our community and said that they hadn’t known what they were coming into but found it a really powerful experience.

They showed up to church the following Sunday, and the Sunday after! We’re praying for both of them, and are so grateful for the way that Jesus brought them into our community.

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