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Stand in the Gap

Want to pray about poverty in the UK, but not sure where to start? 🙏
‘Stand in the Gap’ is a brand new prayer resource, written with friends from across the charity sector, and free to download today!

We hope this resource will be of great benefit to church leaders across all denominations, small group leaders, even inter-denominational Church Together settings, as we seek to really ‘do business’ with God on the tough issues facing our nation today. We have given tips for creating a prayer space for each section for those who like something visual and active. 

You could gather a weekly group during Lent or Advent, mix and match the content, run a week of prayer around the themes, dedicate a slot in your service each week to praying for justice, or work through one topic a month in a corporate prayer setting. Pray through it as it is, or use the content as a springboard for your own ideas. 

If you are reading this as an individual wanting to develop your intercession around issues of poverty and justice, we hope it will bless you too. You can use it on your own or with friends, family or neighbours. Each theme includes a way to engage children, too, and a 30-second prayer to help if you cannot think of the words to pray. 

However you use the resource, we trust that as Christians and churches in the UK humble ourselves to pray and seek God’s face about poverty and injustice, He will change our hearts and our land.

Download the Stand in the Gap PDF resource

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