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Children’s Prayer Room Pack

If you are looking to engage the children in your church, community or family, in prayer, this prayer resource is designed to help you equip them learn how to pray in a variety of ways.

How to use the Guide?

As you look through this guide you will see the activities are grouped into P.R.A.Y. This is the type of prayer the activity helps the children grow in. There are a mix of both corporate and contemplative ideas throughout.

What does P.R.A.Y stand for?

  • P=PAUSE (These activities help the children to be still and focus their attention on God).
  • R= REFLECT and REJOICE (These activities give space for thanking God, reflecting on who He is and who He has created them to be).
  • A= ASK (Asking God for change in our lives and communities).
  • Y= YIELD (saying yes!)

We recommend  including a mix of P.R.A.Y prayer activities, depending on the size of your space and the vision of your ministry. 

Read through this leaders guide, to select the activities and find out how to set them up, before printing the print friendly instructions. 

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