How to Run a 24-7 Prayer Room?

The premise is simple, collect a group of friends. Find a space, pick a week, get creative in the space, and each commit to pray for an hour, covering 24 hours in a chain of prayer. It’s so simple and yet it changes lives.

This page is full of practical tips and advice to help you on your way to running your 24-7 Prayer Room. Including what you need to think about Before, During and After your room. Find links to our online sign up calendar, prayer room ideas to help you get creative, and support from our national team.

5 Steps to help you run your 24-7 Prayer Room

Step 1: Download the How to Run a 24-7 Prayer Room PDF

This BRAND NEW resource from 24-7 Prayer will help you through every step of your Prayer Room Journey, supporting you with helpful tips and practical advice as you plan, prepare and pray.

The How to Run a Prayer Room PDF is specifically designed to help you consider:

  • What You Need to Run a 24-7 Prayer Room
  • Key Decisions you need to Make
  • How to mobilise your community to pray
  • How to sustain momentum

It includes, helpful links and to-do lists to help you on every step of your 24-7 Prayer Room journey.

Step 2: Register Your Room

Why Register?

  1. Join a community of people across the nation, praying for God’s kingdom to come, an unceasing chain of prayer, fueling works of mission and justice in our communities
  2. When you register you get access to exclusive resources to help you practically run and plan your space.
  3. Get access to our online sign up calendar, so you can keep up with who’s praying when, see your empty slots, and easily communicate with all those sign-up up to pray!

Step 3: Using the Online Sign-up Calendar

Once you have registered your room you will have access to our online sign up calendar. This enables you to:

  • See empty slots
  • Set themed slots (worship hours/family hours)
  • Send automatic reminder emails to anyone who has registered
  • See your prayer room stats (what percentage of slots do you have left to fill?)

Step 4: Resources to Help You Pray

If you are just starting out running your space we’d recommend the following resources to provide you with creative prayer station inspiration:

Step 5: Get in Touch

We’d love to hear how you found running your 24-7 Prayer Room. Let us know how you got on, and the themes and stories that came out of your space!

Prayer Room Stories

The prayer room once again provided a moment of encounter for us as a church family. Just making a space, encouraging people to intentionally give an hour to meet God seemed to once again be an invitation to God to meet us. We saw these words from Jeremiah 29:12- 13 become our reality ” In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.””

Ipswich Prayer Room