Pray for Justice

Thank you for joining 24-7 Prayer and IJM at the Pray for Justice Tour!

If your heart has been stirred, why not continue to cry out for justice and invite others to do so, by creating a justice-themed prayer room. We’ve combined everything you need to run a justice-themed prayer room in one place. Just download the PDF to get started.

Why run a justice theme prayer room?

As Christians, we are called by God to seek justice, and pursue it. Our heart for those in need is sparked in prayer when we encounter Jesus, the one who transformed the lives of the poor, broken and neglected. We need to pray for justice but we also need to do it; to be the answer to our prayers and go to those God leads us to.

The Pray for justice PDF contains everything you need to set up and run a justice themed prayer room in your community. Prayer room activities and set up guides alongside printable instructions and stories from IJM to provide real world examples to help guide your prayers.

Download the pray for justice PDF

Add your hours to the year of prayer!

When you register your justice-themed prayer room, you will be joining the 24-7 prayer GB year of prayer. Your hours will go towards an unceasing chain of people covering the whole year in prayer. Every hour covered, 24-7, for a whole year!

Find out more about the 2024 Year of Prayer